XindVision Anti Drone Gun
Anti Drone Equipment

Navigation Tricking System launch fictitious satellite navigation signal, block the real navigation signal in the air, falsify the navigation system of drones, change the auto location of drones, induce the drone to make a false response and get away from

By jamming the communication channels, the drone is effectively disabled and forced back to its home base or grounded at its current location.

Low-altitude surveillance radar is mainly used to detect ground, sea and low-altitude targets. It has excellent anti-interference ability, ground/sea clutter suppression ability, and can actively detect and track targets.

he Passive RF Detection system analyzes and identifies the remote control signal and data return signal of drones, detectes target and early warning

SC02 is an upgraded version of SC01, which implements precise countermeasures against drones within 1000 meters. Multi-band electromagnetic emission, ready to use, cuts off the remote control, image transmission, and navigation links of the drone at a long distance, thereby forcing the drone to l...

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To deal with illegal black flights, domestic anti-drone electromagnetic guns debut

    The anti-gun is also called the anti-UAV jamming gun. It is actually an anti-UAV electromagnetic gun. It looks like a rifle. The gun body is an electromagnetic pulse transmitter and the barrel is also a transmitting antenna (many of them are spiral-shaped). The specific work The principle is to use an anti-UAV gun (anti-UAV jamming gun) (anti-UAV electromagnetic gun) to target the UAV, and then launch a beam of strong electromagnetic pulse interference waves to interfere with the UAV’s electronic system and make Its communication failed, lost control, then landed on the ground or even crashed.


    The anti-drone gun (anti-UAV jamming gun) (anti-UAV electromagnetic gun) is aimed at low-speed and small micro-UAVs; since UAVs are relatively popular in the civilian market, they lack effective control. In some airports, large conferences and sports events, the security work has caused great trouble. The emergence of anti-drone guns is precisely to solve this problem!

    According to reports, many domestic and foreign companies have launched anti-drone guns with different performances.