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Zhengzhou Xinda Weishi Security science co.,ltd. bearing with the national strategy of military and civilian integration, undertake the peculiar mission of impelling innovation,To realize the aspiration of strengthening the military and rejuvenating the country through the integration of the military and the civilian based on convert military-oriented enterprises to civilian production and civilian technology service to the military.

Company relys on advanced digital signal processing leading technology and algorithm advantag, specialized in the development, production and distribution of drone defense systems.

XDVISION's anti-drone technology has always been at the world's leading level, and we are very effective in preventing and controlling "low, small, slow" drones. This not only ensures the safety of the city, but also makes due efforts for global counter-terrorism and world peace.

XDVISION's technical team have more than 40 experts and professors, composed of more than 500 high-level innovative collective R & D personnel, has made our due contribution to the anti-UAV security mission in major national activities.

Anti Drone System Introduction

There are more and more unregistered drones scouting and disturbing important facilities, place, personnel and rally activities, along with Lower drone prices and the spread of technology. These actions seriously endanger national security and infringe on personal privacy.

Anti drone system can detect, track and automatically alarm the uav flying into the no-fly zone, and force the uav to land in the designated position by means of countermeasures and takeover. Anti drone system mainly consists of two parts: uav detection and uav countermeasures.Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) detection adopts passive positioning, and USES array antenna to detect, discover and track uav signals.The uav countermeasures adopt the directional control means of remote control link and data transmission link, forcing the uav to land and tracing the source of the "unregistered fly".

anti drone system

Anti Drone System feature

1、The three-dimensional blind area of complex urban areas is fully covered

2、Accurate target identification, Low false alarm rate

3、Effective soft countermeasures without secondary damage

4、Remote control source tracking operator locate

5、Intelligent and efficient guidance from detection to countermeasures,Reduce manpower requirements

6、Can be carried out on any scale according to the actual situation, Adapt to various scenarios

7、Intuitive uav intrusion security situation presents,Convenient operation 

8、Small size and light weight, Easy deployment.

Anti Drone System Application

Anti Drone System Application

1、Counter-terrorism security threat

Terrorists such as religious extremists using small drones to drop explosives will cause great social panic.

2、Political diplomacy

Brics meetings, G20 meetings, One Belt And One Road international summit cooperation BBS and other international dignitaries and national leaders' meetings 

3、Mass gathering 

sport games, vocal concert, religious activities etc

4、Training and operations

In the process of training, exercise and combat, the lack of preventive means for low, slow and small uav seriously affects and interferes with the training and combat of troops.

5、Important facilities

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) to shoot, map and spy on important sites such as barracks and ports is becoming more and more common, which seriously endangers the confidentiality and security of military facilities

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