XindVision Anti Drone Gun
Anti Drone Equipment

he Passive RF Detection system analyzes and identifies the remote control signal and data return signal of drones, detectes target and early warning

The drone RF detection and jamming integrated machine ZD01 is a product developed for small areas such as detention centers, stadiums, and villas. The product can realize rapid deployment in fixed areas, realize automatic detection, and automatically suppress the integrated 24-hour unattended ope...

This product is highly integrated and uses electronic jamming technology to implement precise countermeasures against drones within 500 meters. Multi-band electromagnetic emission, ready to use, cuts off the remote control, image transmission, and navigation links of the drone at a long distance,...

Navigation Tricking System launch fictitious satellite navigation signal, block the real navigation signal in the air, falsify the navigation system of drones, change the auto location of drones, induce the drone to make a false response and get away from

The system are using a combination of day light TV and thermal infrared image sensor, steady continuous monitoring and tracking targeted drones.

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Anti-drone jamming gun effect

    The rapid development of drones has given birth to the rise of anti-drone technology. In response to the security risks caused by many black flying problems, such as personal privacy infringement, to achieve national defense and public safety, the existence of anti-drone jamming equipment Inevitably, when it comes to drone jamming equipment, the first thing that comes to mind is the anti-drone jamming gun, which is a hot topic. It is a portable device mainly used to deal with black flying low, small and slow drone . It has the following Advantages: small size, light weight, easy to carry, it is the weapon of choice for individual combat; fast response time, a few seconds can make the drone lose its signal control by the remote pilot, and it has high mobility.


    But it is not perfect. For example, without the assistance of any other equipment, it has only interference function but no detection function. Only when the naked eye finds illegal drones can countermeasures be taken. After all, the line of sight of people is Restricted, coupled with the size of an ant-sized drone that flies over long distances in the air, this undoubtedly increases the difficulty of the human eye. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on other targeting photoelectric devices to achieve long-distance illegal unmanned The role of the machine to interfere. Secondly, when it comes to the effective range of the UAV jamming gun, the distance is relatively short. Although the effective range is currently 500 meters, 1km, 2km and 3km, if it is a pure anti-UAV jamming gun, then 1km/2km. /3km is completely a gimmick. Why do you say that? In fact, if you ask you a question, you will suddenly realize, can your eyes see ant-sized black spots 1 km away? (Unless you have Monkey King’s golden eyes, haha)

    At the same time, if you want to achieve a comprehensive UAV defense in the field of high-security places, you must use related UAV detection equipment to conduct related detections. After positioning, interference measures can be taken. If you want to obtain evidence, you must have photoelectric Video tracking and locking. That is the higher-end automated defense equipment.