XindVision Anti Drone Gun
Anti Drone Equipment

HANVYADG is a hand-held, anti-drone gun that can disable drones operating on 5 frequencies and has a range of up to 2,000 meters.

he Passive RF Detection system analyzes and identifies the remote control signal and data return signal of drones, detectes target and early warning

This product is highly integrated and uses electronic jamming technology to implement precise countermeasures against drones within 500 meters. Multi-band electromagnetic emission, ready to use, cuts off the remote control, image transmission, and navigation links of the drone at a long distance,...

The system are using a combination of day light TV and thermal infrared image sensor, steady continuous monitoring and tracking targeted drones.

Low-altitude surveillance radar is mainly used to detect ground, sea and low-altitude targets. It has excellent anti-interference ability, ground/sea clutter suppression ability, and can actively detect and track targets.

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​Application areas of counter drones

    As drones become more and more commercialized, their threats to military and
    civilian targets are also increasing. As cheap and easy-to-operate unmanned
    aerial vehicles continue to spread throughout the world, detection, and tracking
    and early warning for counter drones operations are actively carried out at home and
    abroad, direct use of firepower to carry out hard damage to the UAV, and the use
    of interference Relevant research on the implementation of weapons such as soft
    damage by drones.

    Counter drone systems involve various technologies such as radio and laser. The upstream covers multiple industries such as steel, integrated circuits, and communications. The downstream is mainly used in the military,
    airports, and power fields.

    At present, the demand for the counter-drone technology industry is mainly divided into
    military and civilian fields. Data show that in 2018, the market size of
    anti-drones was 324 million yuan, of which the government and police and other
    civilian sectors had a market size of 799 million yuan and the military sector
    had a market size of 245 million yuan, accounting for 75.62%.

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