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How does China's anti-drone gun perform

With the development of drone technology in these coming years, it can almost be seen in various exhibitions. Now the drone has already flown into the homes of ordinary people. However, there are more children to fight, and there are more drones, and the problem of "black flying" caused by them makes the airport and security personnel extremely troublesome.

In order to restrict the black flying of drones, it brings trouble. Anti-drone systems became popular. Among them, the anti-drone electronic jamming gun (anti-drone gun) is currently the most popular anti-drone equipment.

my country is very extensive in the civilian use of UAVs, which has also caused my country to suffer from the black flying problem a lot. Therefore, my country started early in the development of anti-drone systems, especially anti-drone guns, and achieved many results.

In 2016, a certain unit of our country showed its latest anti-drone gun. It mentioned that it interfered with the communication between the drone and the remote control, so that the drone was forced to land. The operator only needs to aim the gun within the target range, and the operation is more familiar and convenient. One of the highlights of this product is that it is suitable for single-person operation. The staffing requirement is low, and it supports two power supply modes: battery and adapter, which can quickly replace the battery and extend the working time.

At the Beijing Air Show last year, my country showed a new generation of products. Like common portable anti-drone products, this type of product also uses a "gun" structure, which is convenient for people to carry and hold. The most special feature of this type of anti-drone gun is that other anti-drone guns are all one barrel (antenna), but this gun is equipped with three barrels. These are actually antennas. The multi-antenna design of the gun also allows it to deal with various types of drones, with almost no blind spots. Its effective distance has reached nearly one kilometer. And it uses a lithium battery, which has the characteristics of quick replacement, which extends the working time of the gun to more than one and a half hours. Faced with the current problem of "black flying" in the sky, I believe that relevant parties will continue to launch new anti-UAV systems.

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