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Homemade anti-drone gun can knock down a drone in an instant

It is understood that the price of consumer-grade drones with powerful functions continues to drop, and the operation is becoming easier and simpler. Unmanned aerial vehicles are rapidly transferring from cutting-edge military equipment to the mass market and become toys for ordinary people. With the rapid development of the drone market, the threats and hidden dangers posed by drones have gradually increased. For example, in the United States, amateur drone operators once happened to operate drones to fly into the White House and cause panic. Incident: There have also been incidents in the United Kingdom where criminals used drones to transport drugs and guns to prisoners in prisons.

In recent years, my country has made breakthroughs in the field of anti-drone equipment, and has successfully developed an anti-drone gun, which has been successfully used in major competitions and activities in the recent period.

Compared with ordinary firearms, what the anti-drone gun fires is not bullets, but multi-frequency interference electromagnetic waves. Therefore, the front part of the gun is not a barrel but a transmitting antenna. The gun body is not designed with a receiver and supply. Bomb device.

It is composed of batteries and signal components. Although this "electromagnetic gun" has a peculiar appearance, it has a full sense of science and technology. It uses the principle of electromagnetic wave directional interference. When using it, you only need to aim the drone, then pull the trigger, and emit electromagnetic waves to interfere with GPS and remote control. Signal, cut off the signal channel between the UAV and the remote control, the UAV will lose control within a few seconds, and will be on the spot.

This set of equipment provides a smart and effective solution for airspace management, and it is reported that my country's military and police forces are equipped with anti drone guns ahead of other countries in the world.

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