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About the product specifications of the portable anti drone gun

The portable anti drone gun is to cut off the communication and navigation between the UAV and the remote control by interfering with the UAV’s data link and positioning system, thereby forcing the UAV to automatically land or drive it away. Low-altitude airspace safety. The product is small in size, light in weight, convenient to carry, simple to operate, and can be quickly assembled and deployed according to actual conditions.


        1. Interference frequency band 1: 2400MHz~2500MHz, 43dBm

  2. Interference frequency band 2: 5700MHz~5900MHz, 43dBm

  3. Interference frequency band 3: 1550MHz~1625MHz, 43dBm

  4. Interference control distance: ≥1-1.5km open area

   5. Working temperature: -20~50℃

   6. Storage temperature: -35~70℃

  7. Maximum tracking flight speed: vertical 6m/s, horizontal 20m/s

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